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Silver SEO Plan


Our Silver SEO Plan will get you highly ranked in major search engines for up to 3 keywords.


Our Silver SEO Plan will get you highly ranked in major search engines for up to 3 keywords.

We first start with 20+ high authority backlinks to your homepage and 300 links pointed to the generated high authority links, this is a mini link wheel and a proven method of improving you domain authority.

Next, our content writer produces 3 unique SEO optimised articles which contain your chosen 3 keywords, one keyword per article. The articles are used to create a press release which are indexed in Google News. These publications are worth their weight in gold as Google see’s this as real news that points to your website homepage.

To finalise the Silver SEO plan, our SEO team will then build over 600 backlinks to your homepage and press release pages at a 20% homepage 80% press release pages. We will also do some other white-hat SEO work to help speed up the ranking process for you.

You should see high rankings for your chosen 3 keywords within 30 to 45  days of ordering this SEO service. As always, this will depend on the competition and the keywords you choose. You will not rank on the first page of Google if your keyword is something like “Pet Shop”, use localised keywords similar to “Pet Shop in Cornwall” or “Pet Supplies Cornwall”, just examples. Adding a location to your keyword will improve you rankings much faster.

You must provide us with the following info:

  1. Your website URL (website address, ie,
  2. Choose 3 long tail keywords, for example, if I had a pet shop in Cornwall, I would choose “Cornwall Pet Shop” as one keyword and “Pet Supplies in Cornwall” as another keyword and maybe something like “Cheap Pet Food Cornwall” as the third keyword. Long tail keywords are what you think people would type into Google to search for your website.
  3. Provide a small description of your business, around 80 to 150 words is perfect.

A full report is provided from our SEO experts after completion.

This is a premium SEO service that over time will give you high, long lasting rankings in all major search engines for your chosen keywords. You may also see some visitors within the first couple of days of the press release.

You should always keep on top of your SEO, it is a good idea to order this plan at least 4 times a year for different keywords. If you see some really good success, you know this plan is working for you, there are no limits on how many times you can order the Silver SEO Plan.


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