About Our Demo Websites

Our websites are built using a premium theme called “Avada” which is the number one selling WordPress theme of all time. You could go away and purchase this theme yourself but it takes years of experience to understand every element of the theme and how each component works. We have mastered the theme and understand every function inside and out to produce websites tailored for every possible scenario.

The theme is only one part of each website we build but is the most important as it is what your customer will see. There are many other things running in the backend from security and speed plugins to SEO, contact forms, webmail, server optimisation and search engine indexation. After you have chosen the template that suits your business, we will make sure everything is installed at the highest specifications so you can enjoy the very best of success with your online business.

You are not limited to the templates you see here. We can mix and match, change colour schemes, add or remove functions, add pages as required and produce the perfect web design for your business website.

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